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Hobbit Design Sketch BW by Verdaera Hobbit Design Sketch BW by Verdaera
With The Hobbit coming out in 2012 and 2013, I realized I never got around to doing a Lord of the Rings costume! I already have the next couple years of costumes already planned, however. I don't have time to do an accurate Eowyn costume, and I'm not statuesque enough for an elf, so I decided on a Hobbit. I'm 5' tall, so I'm as tall as the actors playing them anyway.

I feel the design is fairly simple enough that I should have time to throw it together before the movie comes out, and I'll just have to source ears and a good curly wig. I want the costume to make me as short looking as possible, and not quite so skinny, so I'm making it very full, and having the skirt at that awkward Hobbit hem length. The chemise I plan to use raw-silk, which is an off-white color, and I plan to do smocking at the neck and arms, probably with colored embroidery detail. The bodice I want to do some kind of rust-colored brocade kind of fabric, something of a heavier weight, with simple trim, and I may have laces on the back since most hobbit women had back-lacing bodices. I added buttons on the front of mine for ease of wear, and I liked the waistcoat look. The skirt I want to make a very full moss green wool.

I have no means of getting proper Hobbit feet, IF I did anything, I would get some netting and hand-knot some little furry feet wigs to make furry feet (hopefully cute though!). I found some ears that will work, but without feet I can't wear this to a convention, it will be good enough for the movie showing. I want to learn to make my own foam latex appliances, and one day I will make proper feet and ears. At least the costume will be timeless and I should be able to wear it to a con someday!

PS, this is my own design, please don't use it. Also, accepting critiques, but please be aware I'm not a sketch artist, I don't have access to a tablet and I don't know how to do the fancy line-art. Just pencil sketches for me ;)

-edit- I think I've decided I'm going as Elanor Gamgee, I want to stick in the blonde hair color range
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LeeliWingfeather Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
SO cool! :thumbsup: I'm working on a Hobbit costume myself, I'm going as Marigold Cotton. (Sam's sister who married one of Rosie's brothers.)
AlAlNe Featured By Owner May 12, 2011
Its a great drawing. I love the color choices you made. It will be fun to see it come together.
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MyWorld1 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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